Set Descending Direction
While making the choice of wardrobe, what’s often overlooked is the factor of fit or silhouette of the dress. Most of the focus is placed on elements such as color, design and embellishments; while most instrumental is the fit which decides how well the rest of the elements stand.Read More
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Traveling is more about the journey than the destination and many people don’t realize that until they’ve had the chance to travel on their own or with a friend for the first time. You may want to see a specific attraction but completely forget that the most fun part is the journey itself and what you can take from it. You’ll learn a lot when you travel young and here are 7 reasons why you should.Read More
Shorter people don’t have the luxury of having model length legs, but we can fake it! Longer and leaner legs can come instantly, rather than through working out or some extreme method to attempt to stretch them. Fortunately, all it takes is a bit of shopping (which everyone loves to do!) and finding out which works best for your height.Read More
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Set Descending Direction